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Huawei and Intel partner on 5G-NR test

Huawei has announced a partnership with Intel to begin testing of 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR)-based infrastructure. The tests are designed to verify the interoperability and maturity of 5G technologies and networks, in anticipation of commercial deployment of end-to-end 5G technology in China. The test will be conducted on a live mobile system connecting Huawei’s… Read More

Global server revenues spurred by APAC data centre growth

In the second quarter of 2017, global shipments of servers grew by 2.4% in response to strong regional performance in Asia Pacific, according to a new report released by Gartner. In the second quarter of this year, worldwide server revenue also increased by 2.8% year-on-year, reaching $13.94 billion (approx. £10.5 billion) for the period. ‘The… Read More

Huawei completes overhaul of Ikoula data centres

Huawei Data Center Network Solutions has completed an overhaul of French cloud hosting provider Ikoula’s six international data centers, enabling customers to deploy virtual machines in under a minute, while improving network efficiency and reducing congestion. Ikoula was founded in 1998, and evolved from a company that provided equipment room and rack leasing services to… Read More

Huawei launches new 400,000 sq.mt data centre in China

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has launched a new data centre project in southwestern China. The facility, located in the Guizhou province, spans 400,000 sq.mt and houses almost 600,000 servers maintained by 600 to 800 IT service engineers. According to reports, the engineering professionals will then be sent overseas to support Huawei’s international services. This move forms part… Read More

Telefónica launches data centre in Lima, Peru

Telefónica, the global broadband and telecom provider, has opened Phase I of a new cloud data center in central Lima, Peru. Rather than build a new facility, the company chose to repurpose a central office in an effort to reduce capital expenditures and reuse assets, while reducing construction timelines. The new cloud data center, located… Read More

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