Latest hybrid cloud publications

Learn how to build and manage a multicloud environment with IBM at Cloud Expo Europe 2019

Simon Edward, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Client Advocacy Leader, IBM UK and Ireland explains how Big Blue helps enterprises navigate increasingly complex cloud environments. Join Cloud Expo Europe Headline Sponsor IBM throughout the show to discover the benefits of multicloud and to learn how to move, build and manage a multicloud environment…. Read More

Don’t make a lift and shift-heap of your hybrid strategy
It’s time to dissect the hybrid playbook and call out "lift and shift" for what it is: a recipe for disaster, writes David Safaii, CEO at Trilio We’ve heard the hype: hybrid cloud is the future. It’s limitless. It’s the ‘ideal’ IT model. It spins ethernet cables into gold. All for the low, low price... Read More

The definitive guide to the data centre in 2019

The year would not be complete without The Stack’s annual data centre forecast. Data centre construction, multicloud adoption and edge-mania continue apace — but what else will the new year have in store? Our data centre heavyweights weigh-in on what’s happening next year in the data centre industry Steven Carlini, vice president of innovation and data centre,… Read More

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