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Patent for cloud data location management unveiled by IBM

A patent has been awarded to IBM for a technique which helps customers automatically analyse and manage the location of their data stored in public and private clouds. The IBM-designed system automatically manages cloud data stored by IaaS or SaaS providers across a range of geographical locations. It aims to help clients comply with data… Read More

Scientists cram a million ‘neurons’ on postage stamp-sized computer chip

A group of scientists has unveiled a new brain-imitating computer chip which fits over one million digital ‘neurons’ into a surface no larger than 3cm across, and uses less power than a hearing aid. The researchers, led by IBM, described the chip as a “stamp-sized supercomputer”, with each individual neuron connecting to 256 others. Working… Read More

IBM to offer incentives to companies embracing cloud for high-performance computing

IBM has announced its aim to disrupt the supercomputing market by introducing enticements for companies who are looking to move their high-performance workloads to the cloud. The current incentive on offer comes in the form of a super-fast network communications link named InfiniBand. InfiniBand is a high-performance technology which delivers transfer speeds of up to 56Gbps… Read More

Apple and IBM team up to take on business app market

Apple and IBM announced yesterday a business partnership which will see the previously rival firms develop mobile devices and applications for corporate use. Through this deal IBM will sell Apple hardware with pre-loaded services, co-developed by both organisations, and Apple will manage support for the products. As part of the announcement, IBM revealed it will… Read More

One year on: has Softlayer made IBM a serious cloud player?

In the year since it spent $2bn on cloud specialist, Softlayer, IBM has promised to spend an awful lot more money in the area. This anniversary has given the media a chance to review the wisdom of the decision in an industry whose history is littered with failed acquisitions and mergers – and the feeling… Read More

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