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IBM’s cloud blooms, bolstered by Hartford deal

IBM announced that its cloud revenue in Q1 2014 was up more than 50% and said its cloud delivered as a service, had a Q1 annual run rate of $2.3bn, which had doubled year to year boosted by a new $500m deal. The financial statement indicated IBM move away from its traditional business lines to… Read More

“Monstrously powerful” Power8 processor is IBM’s big data play

All the numbers on the scale and technology behind this chip are in this ExtremeTech article.   IBM says the new Power Systems will be at the heart of servers that will allow data centres to manage “staggering data requirements with unprecedented speed, all built on an open server platform”. It is the output of a… Read More

News: Be quick and be different urges IBM SoftLayer boss

Don’t just move to the cloud but use the cloud to do things differently. That was the message that Jonathan Wisler, general manager EMEA at IBM’s SoftLayer, left with visitors to Cloud Expo Europe 2014. “Don’t wait for the big, perfect plan. Just get started. While I am speaking here, you could have signed up… Read More

Clive Longbottom: Is it all just a matter of scale?

As virtualisation and cloud computing begin to creep towards more general usage, the approach seems to be built on the premise of the use of a scale-out approach built on a mass of basic Intel-based blade (or similar) servers. This “commoditisation of IT” has been much written about – but is it really true asks… Read More

Want to get a new job in cloud? IBM has 3000 of them.

As well as selling off its mid range server division, IBM also recently announced a $1bn investment in cloud research and development and $1.2bn in its Watson cognitive computing programme as part of what it calls an aggressive transformation. To further help that along it has announced it is recruiting for 3000 positions (the majority… Read More

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