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Samsung, Dell and Intel to form Internet of Things Consortium

Samsung Electronics, Dell and Intel have teamed up to set the digital standard for everyday items, such as light bulbs, refrigerators and thermostats, to promote the development of a controlled Internet of Things. The launch of the group, named the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC), comes just months after the non-profit Linux Foundation announced their AllSeen Alliance, led… Read More

Intel developing customisable chips to boost data centre performance

A quiet fireside chat certainly warmed up when Intel revealed its plan to offer customisable chips for the data centre and the internet of things. Diane Bryant, a SVP and general manger of Intel’s data centre group, revealed on stage at the Gigaom Structure conference in San Francisco yesterday, that the company is combining its Xeon… Read More

Intel to release its first 4GHz processor

13Revealing the new chipset, the article from Forbes says this fourth generation processor codenamed Devil’s Canyon,  will be Intel’s first processor to clock over 4GHz. There is also a better cooling performance – heating had plagued the chips – thanks to an improved thermal interface which will help heat flow from the processor cores much… Read More

Tweet: Intel and Huawei in strategic partnership to co-develop and market big data storage products

Although there is no official comment from Intel this article from eWeek’s Chris Preimesberger reports that Chinese IT giant Huawei will develop new storage technology with the US-based silicon expert specifically for big data applications. The deal would also give each company access to the others’ market. Excerpt “Under terms of this agreement, both companies will augment… Read More

Hadoop looks more promising than ever after Intel’s big Cloudera deal

Jordan Novet discusses the increasing potential of Hadoop software in IT infrastructure, particularly in the financial, healthcare, retail and start-up sectors. Although not as popular as rival Oracle, Novet suggests the technology is well on its way to competing with the giant – a prediction supported by the news of Cloudera’s latest fundings, including a… Read More

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