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How Renew Britain aims to start a ‘tech revolution’

Renew Britain was formed in 2017 by former Foreign Office anti-terror officer Chris Coghlan and is a political party with a few basic aims. It wants to turn back Brexit, occupy the centre ground of British politics, and instigate what it calls a ‘tech revolution.’ It placed candidates in the recent local elections in Wandsworth, Tower… Read More

5G and the transformation of mobile networks

What does 5G have in store? Kostas Katsaros, 5G technologist at Digital Catapult, talks to John Bensalhia about its possibilities and opportunities “5G is at its inflection point, transforming from visions of its future to a realistic delivery plan of the infrastructure that unlocks digital transformation of industrial activities.” Kostas Katsaros, 5G technologist at Digital Catapult, explains… Read More

Will we see an EU-wide data centre grid?

Dimitrios Paspaltzis, European Parliament ICT Official, talks to John Bensalhia about notable developments in data centre energy and power efficiency Speaking at Data Centre World 2018 about the energy and power efficiency in the European Parliament’s data centres is its ICT Official, Dimitrios Paspaltzis. “I will start giving an overview of my role inside the EP organisational… Read More

Meeting modern demands in banking

How has the online banking sector changed in recent years and what are the trends and benefits experienced by customers? Lloyds Banking Group’s Jehangir Byramji discusses these notable aspects with John Bensalhia “No industry stands still: yet in recent years there has been an acceleration of change in financial services, including banking and insurance.” Jehangir… Read More

The changing face of identity in the 2020s

As the notions and methods of identity continue to change in the 21st century, Dr Victoria Baines speaks to John Bensalhia ahead of her appearance at Cloud Security Expo 2018 Who are we? Once upon a time, identity was all too simple. From name tags or badges to signatures, that’s all it took to prove your… Read More

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