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Martin Yates, Dell, discusses how cloud can drive growth across the Asia Pacific region

Martin Yates, Strategic Enterprise Practice Director at Dell, Asia-Pacific and Japan, discusses how cloud computing is shaping business strategy in the Asia Pacific region, and why companies need to redefine their use of IT to drive growth and meet customer demands. What value does cloud technology bring to businesses in Singapore and the APJ region… Read More

Thomas Kok, DBS Bank: Singapore infrastructure not yet steeled for natural or terrorist disasters

Thomas Kok is Head of Group Business Continuity Management at DBS Bank, Singapore. He spoke at Cloud Expo Asia as a Member of the CSA CISO Round-Table, and is an experienced financial industry professional in Technology Risk Management and Business Continuity Management. What are the particular challenges of business continuity in the context of Singapore’s… Read More

Cloud in the post-Snowden aftershock

The Stack interviews Len Padilla, VP of Product Strategy at NTT Communications Europe. He discusses how the Snowden allegations have changed IT decision-making, and why businesses need to embrace a hybrid strategy to effectively migrate to the cloud. How have cloud providers had to react to the post-Snowden ‘aftershock’? Many have had to make changes…. Read More

IO CEO on why the future of the data centre must be software-defined

The Stack speaks with George Slessman, CEO & Product Architect, IO, about the necessity of introducing software-defined approaches to the data centre. What does IO identify as failing in today’s data centre model and why do you feel a software-driven approach needs to be adopted as an appropriate solution in reaction to the cloud? The… Read More

Sumir Bhatia, Dell South Asia, on the future of data centres in the region

Sumir Bhatia, General Manager, Enterprise Solutions, at Dell South Asia, talks to The Stack about growth of the data centre industry in the region, as well as the importance of leveraging efficient technologies to enable business development and to effectively manage the increasing demand from big data and cloud. What do you see as the… Read More

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