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Mitsubishi admits cheating fuel economy test data

Japanese car-maker Mitsubishi Motors has admitted this morning to falsifying emissions test data for some of its own brand and Nissan models, as the latest auto victim following last year’s Volkswagen scandal. Japan’s sixth-biggest car company was forced to speak up today and confirmed that there was evidence that its employees had altered emissions data… Read More

Why Japan is facing pressure to return to military research

Japan is at a crossroads — and has been there for a few years now — when it comes to technology and national security. Since drafting a peace constitution just after WWII (with a strong guiding hand from the United States), the Japanese government and people have managed to hold firmly to their ‘pacifist’ ideals… Read More

Line messaging app plans multi-billion dollar IPO

Sources close to Line Corporation, operator of the popular Line messaging application, confirmed today the company plans to go public with an initial price offering of up to $3 billion in Tokyo and New York. The Line app, which offers free text messaging and voice calls from mobile devices as well as PCs, is one… Read More

Japanese court demands ‘right to be forgotten’ for sex offender

A Tokyo court has ordered that Google remove any results linked to the arrest of a man, after a judge ruled that he deserves to rebuild his life ‘unhindered’ by online records of his criminal history. Citing the right to be forgotten, the Saitma district court demanded the removal of all personal information online related… Read More

Japan considers treating Bitcoin as real money

Regulators in Japan are considering officially recognising bitcoins and other digital currencies as valid methods of payment. The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) is reportedly in the process of deciding whether to make legislative revisions to regulation that currently regards virtual currencies as objects rather than traditional forms of payment. Under the new proposal, consumers will… Read More

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