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Apple partners with IBM and Japan Post to support ageing populations

IBM and Apple have joined in a partnership today to address Japan’s growing population of senior citizens. Apple CEO Tim Cook and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced the collaborative project at IBM’s Watson headquarters in New York. The two tech chiefs explained that the new partnership seeks to tackle the huge challenge of accessibility among… Read More

Japan addresses military recruiting shortfall with cute mobile game

Japan Self-Defence Forces (aka 自衛隊 Jieitai), the peacekeeping military force which is slowly being controversially returned to the status and operational functionality of a regular army, is on a charm offensive for young minds that might be interested in an army career, and not surprisingly the charm assault takes in mobile and gaming: Jieitai Collection… Read More

Japanese ‘Octopus’ robot to support rescue and recovery missions

A team of Japanese researchers has designed an eight-legged ‘Octopus’ robot to help clear heavy and contaminated rubble following the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Engineers at Waseda University’s Future Robotics Organisation and the Kikuchi Corporation, have created the 1.7-metre tall robot with four arms and four tank-treads, which is specifically built to deal with difficult terrain and lend… Read More

Japanese robot panel to drive drone progress past U.S. rivals

While the U.S. dithers over drone regulation, the Japanese government is pushing its domestic drone industry by fast-tracking policy through a dedicated national advisory committee. Taking the edge over the United States, leading tech manufacturers in Japan such as Yamaha and security firm Semco are researching and developing new drone technologies and solutions, with the… Read More

NTT plans to buy German data centre operator e-shelter

NTT, the Japanese telecom giant, is in talks to acquire the German data centre operator e-shelter for around 100bn yen (approx. £543mn), looking to take advantage of growing European storage and processing demand amid concerns surrounding US surveillance. The move by Nippon Telegraph & Telephone comes as the Japanese business struggles in a slow domestic… Read More

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