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South Korea breaks filibuster record fighting new surveillance bill

Politicians in South Korea have set a new record for a filibuster – an attempt to time out the passing of new legislation with verbose speeches – in its determination to oppose a new anti-terrorism bill which they believe threatens personal privacy for the country’s citizens. 38 liberal members of the National Assembly spoke for… Read More

Samsung’s Korean robot factories aim to cut dependency on China

It’s interesting to note how much the automation cold war is being fuelled not by superior advances in the opposition’s technology-set, but by the fact that China is in a position to throw real people at production-line problems that it can’t yet solve without involving them, despite being keen to maintain its edge in eliminating… Read More

Cracking the citizen: a warning from South Korea about National IDs

The ‘Queen of re-identification’, Harvard Professor Latanya Arvette Sweeney, has just published an interesting set of findings regarding the vulnerability of the system that South Korea uses to uniquely identify its 50+ million citizens – and believes that those proposing new ‘Citizen ID’ systems in the United States and elsewhere should take note of the… Read More

Notel media player helps North Koreans skirt censorship

A small portable media device, costing roughly £32, is allowing North Koreans to access and view foreign media despite tight government censorship, according to a Reuters report. The ‘Notel’, a mashup of notebook and television, is being described as a symbol of change in the repressed society. Used to watch DVDs and shared content from USB… Read More

SK Telecom eyes SDN for next-gen wireless and data centres

Korean network provider SK Telecom may deploy On.Lab’s ONOS operating system to redefine its provision of next-generation wireless technologies – and the company is already experimenting with software-defined-networking (SDN) via Linux’s OpenDaylight initative for its data centre environments. Speaking to Light Reading, senior VP of R&D for SK Telecom Kang Won Lee said: “A large… Read More

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