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DoD launches Code.mil open source initiative

The Department of Defense (DoD) has announced the launch of Code.mil, an open source initiative to encourage collaboration between federal programmers and the public on code written in support of federal projects, and to offer code to the public for their use. By inviting the public to review and improve ongoing projects, the DoD hopes to… Read More

Judge rules against forced fingerprinting

A federal judge in Chicago has ruled against a government request which would require forced fingerprinting of private citizens in order to open a secure, personal phone or tablet. In the ruling, the judge stated that while fingerprints in and of themselves are not protected, the government’s method of obtaining the fingerprints would violate the Fourth… Read More

Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay’s in-laws charged with hacking

TV chef Gordon Ramsay has accused his father-in-law of hacking into his computer in attempts to access his private emails and files containing personal and company data. Following a police probe led by detectives from Scotland Yard’s Operation Tuleta, Ramsay’s estranged father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, 68, has now been charged with hacking into the celebrity chef’s… Read More

Judge allows Facebook data centre design lawsuit to continue

In Silicon Valley, a judge has denied Facebook’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit levied against it for the alleged theft of data centre designs. The complaint, filed nearly two years ago, is being brought by two companies, including BladeRoom, which contends that the social media giant passed protected designs to its Open Compute project, which… Read More

UK government strikes deal to limit pirated search results

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has facilitated a new deal, effective immediately, whereby Google and Bing will no longer prominently feature search results which lead to infringing sites and material. Today’s announcement is something of a landmark for anti-piracy advocates, but does not signify that pirated results will be entirely unavailable, but guarantees they… Read More

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