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Researchers identify new AI-powered malware threat

Researchers at IBM have identified a new class of cyberthreat, that uses artificial intelligence to power malware that is both specific and evasive. While DeepLocker has yet to be seen outside of the research lab, all of the tools used to create it are readily available: existing malware, and AI tools that can be trained… Read More

Cybersecurity chief: Singapore escaped cyberattacks largely by chance

The chief executive of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Agency (CSA) said that while some organizations in Singapore suffered cyber attacks, the fact that the country escaped the worst of 2017’s malware attacks was due to a convergence of lucky circumstances rather than skill. In an interview with ChannelNews Asia, David Koh, chief executive of the CSA, said… Read More

Ransomware: a growing global threat

Ransomware is seen as something of a revolution in the security community. Rather than stealing and selling confidential files and information, the attackers rely on the average user’s propensity not to backup files properly, and their fear of not being able to access critical information. It further introduces the idea of user experience into the… Read More

Cross-industry team disrupts WireX botnet attack

A group of security teams from various companies, some of them competitors, worked together to disrupt a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack from the WireX botnet. The attack, discovered on August 17, revealed that the botnet had incorporated devices from over 100 different countries, a peculiar feature for a DDoS attack which is normally far more… Read More

Latest WikiLeaks Vault7 release details CIA Windows spyware

WikiLeaks has released a new set of documents in the CIA Vault 7 leak, detailing a CIA spyware project called ‘Athena/Hera’. The Athena malware targets computers running Windows XP to Windows 10, while the Hera variant was created for Windows 8 to Windows 10. Once installed, the Athena/Hera spyware acts as a remote beacon and… Read More

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