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Microsoft defends US military contact amid employee outcry

Last week, in a joint letter, Microsoft workers demanded bosses cancel the contract and cease developing any and all weapons technologies Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has stood by a company contract with the US military, in response to concerns raised by employees that its technology could be used to develop weapons. In November, the… Read More

On the frontline of IoT with the Ministry of Defence
How does the MoD deploy IoT at scale while enforcing an uncompromising approach to security? Techerati talks with head of innovation, Danny Wooton As head of innovation at the Ministry of Defence, Danny Wootton is managing an IoT project that seeks to connect the UK’s armed forces under one system. That is, its monumentally expensive... Read More

Microsoft announces Azure Stack for government

Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Azure Stack for Azure Government customers. This announcement comes in the midst of a battle among top cloud providers to win the $10 billion Pentagon JEDI contract. With the new offering, Azure Stack can be integrated with the Azure government, providing customers with a hybrid cloud solution for… Read More

U.S. Army opens cyber research centre

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory, the corporate research division of the U.S. Army, has opened the Army Cyber Research Analytics Laboratory (ACAL). The ACAL was designed and created through a partnership between the Army Research Laboratory and Army Cyber Command. The facility is intended to accelerate the development of cutting-edge analysis and cyber defense strategies to… Read More

Researchers advocate neurorights to protect brain data

A neuroethicist and a human rights attorney have proposed that human rights be expanded to guard the sanctity of the human mind in the face of rapid advancements in neuroscience and neurotechnology. The four rights that are specifically addressed in their research paper, published in the Journal of Life Sciences, Society and Policy are the… Read More

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