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Zoom drafts Oracle for multi-cloud expansion

In a move that not many in the technology world would have seen coming, Zoom has tapped up Oracle Cloud to help cater to rising demand for its popular video conferencing tool.

Since world governments implemented stay-at-home measures to help thwart the spread of the novel coronavirus, Zoom has become the go-to tool for video communication, surging ahead of rivals Skype and Webex in terms of daily use.

Microsoft and Amazon to help NHS allocate hospital resources effectively

The UK National Health Service has enlisted the services of some of the world’s largest tech firms to help it thwart the coronavirus outbreak.

First reported by BBC, the NHS has joined forces with Microsoft, Google, Faculty AI and Palantir to create data dashboards that use AI to display up to date information about Covid-19 transmission.

Hybrid cloud – The business infrastructure of tomorrow

Technology has become a core component of a customer’s experience with an organisation, no matter the vertical market.  As a result, businesses require technology that provides flexibility and security, and that cost effectively allows the organisation to change according to altering customer behaviour.  A recent study, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index 2019, reveals that hybrid cloud is becoming business infrastructure; indeed, hybrid cloud is providing the necessary security and agility that businesses in 2020 require.

Pushing the cloud to the limit, with UKFast’s Chris Folkerd

Chris Folkerd is Director of Enterprise Technologies at UK cloud hosting company UKFast. Conceived in the bedroom of a tiny flat just off Manchester’s Oxford Road over twenty years ago, UKFast has grown into a multi-million-pound business which, via its five UK data centres, hosts the critical infrastructure of a raft of big-name organisations, including Chester Zoo and the NHS.

Q&A: Cloud management with Jan Puzicha — CTO & SVP Product, LeanIX
As CTO & SVP Product at LeanIX, Jan Puzicha is responsible for product management, UX, development & operations for the company. This involves anything that has to do with creating and operating the company's SaaS product offerings for data-driven enterprise architecture, automated cloud management and micro-service intelligence. At Cloud Expo Europe, 11-12 March, the CTO... Read More

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