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The future of car ownership with Singapore’s first Netflix for Cars

Would you pay a monthly fee for a service that allowed you to hop from car-to-car on a monthly basis without having to worry about maintenance and road tax?

Singapore’s Carro, Southeast Asia’s largest automotive marketplace, reckons there is ample appetite in the city-state, so much, in fact, that the company launched its “Netflix for Cars” in March this year.

EU commission votes for content portability

The European Commission has returned a positive vote on content portability, supporting the right of EU citizens to access digital content when traveling across borders within the EU. This move is aimed at reducing content piracy, as it would allow users to access regional online content subscriptions when located outside their member state of residence…. Read More

J:COM uses cloud-based technology for new video-on-demand experiences

J:COM’s cloud-based technology is giving its pay-TV subscribers the chance to enjoy new benefits on their existing set-top boxes As a result of the first deployment in Japan of transformative cloud-based technology, subscribers can use their current set-top boxes to enjoy enhanced web-like video-on-demand experiences. The company has used the cloud to reimagine the VOD… Read More

Netflix found to leak information on HTTPS-protected videos

TCP/IP headers can leak details about what you are watching on Netflix despite HTTPS protection, according to new cybersecurity research. The study, conducted by Andrew Reed and Michael Kranch of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, explored Netflix’s implementation of HTTPS and the ability to identify content information in real-time through the passive capture of… Read More

Netflix considering ‘mobile cuts’ of its content

The chief product officer for Netflix has revealed that the streaming giant is exploring the possibility of creating differently-edited versions of its own original content to viewers on mobile devices. Speaking to journalists in San Francisco Neil Hunt promised a serious consideration of reframed or otherwise differently cropped versions of Netflix originals which might play… Read More

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