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Cloud computing’s underappreciated eco-friendly credentials – and a reminder that in the data centre “Going Green” can also m...

One possibly neglected element of most service providers’ pitch is how eco-friendly the cloud is using fewer and more efficient machines and lower climate control costs for example. There is still a question mark over whether companies really care how green they are (beyond PR considerations) but one of the pluses of cloud is its… Read More

Gartner reveals 10 misconceptions (and lies) about software defined networking

Andrew Lerner, a Garter research director, debunks several myths and misunderstandings about what SDN is (and what it isn’t). Here’s an example: Excerpt (5) Programmatic control does not mean developers “own” the network – Network folks tend to get a little twitchy when they hear that SDN allows “programmatic access to the network”. The typical… Read More

The future of business is digital, says Forrester

Seems an obvious, Marketing-based headline and the article kicks off with the traditional apocalyptic vision (“Your company is likely to face an extinction event in the next 10 years”) but there is an important point in this blog from Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick about the build up of App ecosystems that represent value to their… Read More

The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) price war is not necessarily a good thing for users. Here are six reasons to focus on value not price

A Citrix blog its senior director of product marketing of the desktop and applications group that responds to the recent price announcements from Amazon and VMware and assesses that low price does not equate to high value but offers some value of his own with some tips on getting the most from DaaS. Excerpt True,… Read More

How combining Agile techniques and open source thinking can help you exploit new technologies

Creating a convincing business case for new technology can be hard. Here Frederik Bijlsma takes a step by step approach that draws inspiration from the Agile programming and the open source movement to help you keep up with new technology and identify the right projects. Excerpt “• Make thoughtful choices in adopting new technologies –… Read More