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Should the CIO become a bridge builder, less involved in technology, more in business?

What’s in a name? HP’s chief technologist on cloud Christian Verstraete muses on the changing role of the chief information (or is that Innovation?) officer. Putting the actual title aside he sets out what he considers to be the six key responsibilities of the people in charge of today’s IT. Excerpt “CIOs need to figure… Read More

Volkswagen says the car must not become a “data monster” in the internet of things – but who’ll protect the customer?

It was VW’s chairman who used the expression “data monsters” while talking at Cebit and that drivers must be protected from government misuse of data. As car manufacturers increasingly pack their vehicles with data collection devices, Matt Asay, the vice president of business development and corporate strategy at MongoDB, considers the privacy implications for the… Read More

Facebook shadow tests Blu-Ray discs for long term cold data centre storage saying it’s efficient and elegant.

Frank Frankovsky, VP of hardware design and supply chain operations at Facebook, talks about why this “consumer” technology is possibly finding favour in its Open Compute Project to Jon Bodkin, of ARS Technica. It currently uses spinning discs and reckons the Blu Ray will be half the price and 80% more energy efficient. Excerpt “With… Read More

Data centres are eating our energy and Russia could turn off the gas taps with severe consequences for operators

This is a big data centre issue as seen from the CFO’s perspective.  Data centres are requiring more and more energy, yet electricity supply prices are rising and those very supplies are being overwhelmed and so the threat of blackouts looms. Factor in that the current tensions with Russia over the Crimea and Ukraine could… Read More

US Defence agencies get approval for AWS cloud use

All four of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) US infrastructure regions, including AWS GovCloud (US), have received a Department of Defense (DoD) provisional authorisation under the DoD Cloud Security Model (CSM) for Impact Levels 1-2. That authorises DoD agencies to use AWS’s infrastructure. “After receiving an overwhelming response from defense agencies interested in leveraging our Federal… Read More

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