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Equinix partners with Oracle to expand interconnection in U.S. and Europe

Equinix has announced an expansion of its partnership with Oracle, with dedicated, private access to Oracle cloud through a further 16 of its International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres in America and Europe. The expansion means that customers can privately connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through the firm’s FastConnect system in eight new metros… Read More

Oracle releases AI-based cloud security and management suite

Oracle has released an artificial intelligence (AI) based cloud security and management system, which will consist of a set of integrated suites including the Oracle identity security operations centre (SOC), and the Oracle management cloud. The system is intended to help businesses predict, reduce, detect, and resolve cybersecurity threats and assist in efforts to ‘remediate application… Read More

MongoDB files for IPO

MongoDB, a privately-held database company based in New York, has filed paperwork with the Securities & Exchange Commission to begin trading stock on the NASDAQ under the symbol MDB. The company has secured $304 million in funding to date, in nine separate series from 2008-2015. MongoDB hopes to raise an additional $100 million in the… Read More

Cross-industry team disrupts WireX botnet attack

A group of security teams from various companies, some of them competitors, worked together to disrupt a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack from the WireX botnet. The attack, discovered on August 17, revealed that the botnet had incorporated devices from over 100 different countries, a peculiar feature for a DDoS attack which is normally far more… Read More

Oracle to add 1000 employees in EMEA cloud push

Oracle Corporation, in its continuing transformation to a ‘Cloud First’ provider, will add 1000 employees to expand cloud computing services in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The company has posted openings for mid-level (2-6 years experience) employees with experience in sales and marketing, finance, management, human resources and recruiting to staff sales departments throughout the EMEA… Read More

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