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Infor’s CEO Charles Phillips talks cloud, UI, and industry focus

Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor, discusses cloud strategy with Larry Dignan of ZDNet following the organisation’s recent partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, and EnterpriseDB. Dignan sees Infor as now offering a real alternative to Oracle and SAP, and highlights aspects of the company’s approach which he believes are key to its success. Excerpt… Read More

Clive Longbottom: Is it all just a matter of scale?

As virtualisation and cloud computing begin to creep towards more general usage, the approach seems to be built on the premise of the use of a scale-out approach built on a mass of basic Intel-based blade (or similar) servers. This “commoditisation of IT” has been much written about – but is it really true asks… Read More

Cloud continues to kick Oracle’s butt – just 3% of its business. Analysis of the giant’s challenges by @ron_miller

24/3/14 – Freelance technology journalist Ron Miller assesses the latest Oracle results and finds its performance is still based on its on-premise hardware and software business and that cloud, for all the giant’s noises, still represents only 3% of its business despite a recent buying binge. Until it make the transition to cloud it will,… Read More

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