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Driving monitoring efficiencies in the data centre

Robert Faulkner of Server Technology argues why you can’t improve what you don’t measure in the data centre… There are many data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software packages available today, but very few have enjoyed significant success due to the bearish nature of monitoring every detail of a data center. Most organizations are demanding that… Read More

Smart home power management débuts through national grid

Data transmission across the national electricity grid is now a reality, using a newly-developed system from a UK company. The Grid Data and Measurement System (GDMS) allows for immediate and effective demand-side adjustments to power consumption by smart devices connected to the grid. Reactive Technologies created the GDMS as a way to send data to and from… Read More

White paper: Disaster Recovery in Virtualised Environments

In today’s always-on, information-driven organizations, business continuity depends completely on IT infrastructures that are up and running 24/7. The costs of downtime are huge and data loss can put a company out of business. Data loss is not only caused by natural disasters, power outages, hardware failure and user errors, but more and more by… Read More

White paper: Why Li-ion is becoming increasingly attractive for data centre applications

While traditional Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries have been the preferred choice for use in backup power supplies for data centre, offering a better trade off between price, energy density, power, safety, and reliability, decreasing costs now mean that Lithium-ion alternatives could, in fact, provide greater benefits over a system’s lifetime. Driven by a growing… Read More

Power outage crashes Delta Airlines’ global flight systems

Passengers flying with U.S. carrier Delta Airlines experienced widespread delays and flight cancellations this week after a computer outage wiped out the company’s systems for several hours. The Atlanta-based airline blamed the outage on a huge power cut which hit its servers at 2:38am ET on Monday. A source with contacts at Delta told The… Read More

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