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UPS battery storage for demand side response

Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig explains how tapping into the potential of UPS battery storage is helping run a pioneering virtual power plant. All of us involved with the data centre sector know only too well how demand for storage and processing capacity is likely to rocket in the coming years. The ‘Internet of… Read More

UPS basics: how to choose the best UPS for a data centre

In the final episode of ‘UPS Basics’, power management specialist Riello UPS outlines the most important things to bear in mind to ensure you select the most suitable data centre uninterruptible power supply system. A reliable UPS is a central component to any data centre’s power protection contingency planning. It’s the often unsung yet essential… Read More

Everything you need to know about a Preventive Maintenance Visit

It’s the all-important ‘health-check’ that helps keep your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system operating at peak performance for longer. But do you know exactly what a Preventive Maintenance Visit (PMV) should cover? Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig shares some of the expert insight he’s gained from more than 30 years working in the critical… Read More

Why monitoring power consumption is essential to manage data centre environments

Anthony Clarkson, technologist at ProLabs, discusses why data centre operators need to prepare their power saving strategy for the future  Data centres are a key part of our world and we rely heavily on them for a range of services, but growing bandwidth demands are affecting their efficiency and performance. Whilst it may not be possible… Read More

White paper recommends gas-powered backup generators for the data centre

A new white paper from Wartsila advocates the use of gas generators, rather than diesel-powered, as an option for emergency power in the data centre. The paper claims that state-of-the-art gas engines have a similar speed to startup in an emergency as the more prevalent diesel version, but unlike a diesel engine, a gas-fired engine… Read More

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