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Pulsant upgrades both its data centre and its investors

Cloud hosting specialist Pulsant, which was recently acquired by investment firm Oak Hill, has completed the latest set of improvements to its Tier III data centre in south London as part of an £18m investment programme. The upgrades, including building its own high voltage (HV) network on site, are intended to boost the site’s levels… Read More

Taking a logical approach to saving data centre energy

Once considered relatively inconsequential to IT management, energy costs have become more significant as the rise in consumption has been exacerbated by a steady – and in some years, substantial – increase in the cost of electricity.  Here, Emiliano Cevenini argues that managers are focussing on piecemeal reductions when what is needed a holistic approach… Read More

Data centres – putting less in but getting more out

A lot of attention is being paid to the green credentials of data centres in particular their power usage effectiveness (PUE) as a rating of how much energy is wasted – and with waste comes costs. Nick Razey advises on what is best practice in minimising inefficiency  Effectively consolidating space and power constrained legacy data… Read More

Low-tech semiconductors are about to disrupt the energy industry

A ‘Tomorrow’s World’ style article on the dependable GigaOm site from Matt Scullin, Founder & CEO of Alphabet Energy talking about a new breed of semiconductors called thermoelectrics that turn heat into electricity. They are now at a price tipping point (even lower than photovoltaic) and he believes they will emerge from government-funded projects and… Read More

Green data centre planned for Glenrothes this summer

Work is due to start on a £40m green data centre in Glenrothes this summer after AOC Group submitted a planning application for a 75,000 sq ft facility. AOC Group director Alan O’Connor says the plans have had an “extremely positive response from planners and Council officials in Fife”. He said the development will create up… Read More

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