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CenturyLink looks to acquire Rackspace for more than $5billion

CenturyLink, the leading landline phone and communications service provider, is reportedly seeking to acquire Rackspace Hosting to expand its offering in the cloud market. Last month Rackspace announced that it is currently reviewing strategy internally, following reports of a dwindling customer base, the resignation of its CEO Lanham Napier, as well as rumours that it… Read More

What does Rackspace’s new DevOps automation offer?

On 12th August 2014 Rackspace announced that it is offering some new features to its DevOps Automation Services, which includes Windows support and expanded environment stack support. With it the company launched a new advisory service to help development and operations (DevOps) teams with their transformation programmes. The new service is available in the US… Read More

What’s needed to get us from current reality to a truly federated cloud world?

Cloud computing has always had a lot of terminology and buzzwords associated with it. The ‘cloud of clouds’, ‘cloudbursting’ and so on, the list is as open ended as the cloud itself. All of these terms have helped fuel the vision of cloud over the past five years as virtualisation technologies have evolved from their… Read More

Rackspace bets its future on managed services

“This is the future of our company” says cloud services provider, Rackspace, as it announces it is returning to its ‘fanatical support’ roots in managed services to secure its uncertain outlook away from the attentions of Amazon and Google. It is targeting the market for enterprises wanting to take advantage of the cloud without having… Read More

Is there a chance of cloud sanity breaking out?

Most major vendors have agreed it is good to avoid locking in their customers and now the discussion has moved on to realising the promise of the cloud. So, now, Clive Longbottom looks forward to a time when the composite app becomes the norm At one stage, it looked like the cloud computing community was… Read More

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