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Red Hat container platform OpenShift Dedicated launches on Google Cloud

Red Hat has announced the general availability of OpenShift Dedicated across Google Cloud Platform, bringing the open source container platform as a managed service to customers using Google’s cloud infrastructure. In an official blog post, Google product manager Martin Buhr wrote that the move will help accelerate the adoption of ‘Kubernetes, containers and cloud-native application… Read More

Twenty-five years of Linux: A quiet revolution

Twenty-five years ago, a quiet revolution began that now shapes much of our modern world: Linux was born. Martin Percival, senior solutions architect at Red Hat, looks at what’s to come… On the 25th of August, 1991, Linus Torvalds sent out a simple message to a Usenet newsgroup which asked for some feedback on a new… Read More

Navigating hybrid cloud decisions

Gordon Haff, cloud strategy at Red Hat, looks at why it should not be a matter of private or public, but a matter of private AND public when it comes to cloud… It’s widely recognized that the vast majority of organizations will take an approach to cloud infrastructure that involves some combination of on-premise/private resources and public… Read More

Security in a hybrid world: You can’t protect what you can’t see

Massimo Ferrari, Director of Cloud Management Strategy at Red Hat, argues why hybrid cloud offers an incredible opportunity to improve security… You’re probably pretty good at security. You have a well trained team, efficient, up-to-date on conquering the latest threats, and well-rehearsed for when the inevitable happens. You have worked very hard to secure your… Read More

Red Hat Insider: To make OpenStack cheaper, make it easier

In this month’s Red Hat Insider, Erich Morisse, director of cloud management strategy at Red Hat, looks at the best way to make your cloud easier and therefore, cheaper… Over the past few months, my team has compiled an extensive look at the costs of acquiring and running an OpenStack based private cloud. If you want… Read More

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