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Red Hat Insider: Securing containers before they take over the world

Containers are taking over the world, now how do we we secure them? asks Josh Bressers, Security Strategist at Red Hat. I’ve been doing security work for a very long time now, and in almost every case security wasn’t considered important until the technology or idea started to catch on in the mainstream. This is… Read More

Red Hat Insider: Frictionless IT as a competitive business advantage

Alessandro Perilli, general manager of Cloud Management Strategy at Red Hat, tells of businesses’ desire to simplify their IT as a competitive differentiator… Last week I attended a major IT event in Las Vegas arranged by my former colleagues at Gartner. Like many other conferences arranged by analysis firms, I attend them mainly to have… Read More

Blending cloud native and conventional applications

Gordon Haff, Technology Evangelist with Red Hat, looks at the results of a recent IDC survey on DevOps and open source strategy… Early adopters say open source and PaaS are key to the success of their organisation’s DevOps strategy, based on findings from an IDC survey of 220 North America and EMEA enterprises, the results… Read More

Red Hat Insider: Automating IT with Ansible 

Alessandro Perilli, general manager of Cloud Management Strategy at Red Hat, discusses what process automation can do for OpenStack… Earlier this month we announced the acquisition of Ansible, a well-known IT automation tool and very popular open source project. The most attractive aspect of Ansible is its simplicity: simple to deploy and blend into a… Read More

HTTPS-protected sites leak private key data due to critical flaw

HTTPS sites are at risk of disclosing private key details due to a critical flaw in network equipment, a Red Hat security specialist has discovered. The expert, Florian Weimer, reported last week [PDF] that system hardware from numerous vendors does not effectively execute cryptographic standards. A vulnerability which exposes key information, allowing hackers to mimic HTTPS-protected… Read More

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