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Green clouds on the horizon for computing

Some scientific backing for the received wisdom that cloud computing is more energy efficient than traditional models published by Science Daily. It reports on research in Austria that tackles the argument that cloud is not greener but rather it just moves or displaces the energy demands and emissions. They believe that small businesses could save… Read More

Brain-inspired circuit board 9000 times faster than an average PC

Another ‘the future is here’ article, this time about bioengineers at Stanford University who have developed Neurocore processors designed to act like a human brain – well, 1 million neurons at least – which makes them ‘9000 times’ faster than a PC and consume a fraction of the power. It has packed 16 of them… Read More

Six futuristic construction materials that will change the way we build stuff

One for science lovers, yes, but this is aimed at the technologists and engineers wrestling with today’s industry, business and environmental challenges. This Business Insider article by Dina Spector gives a quick, simplistic run down of what these materials are, what makes them unique and some ideas for their potential application. Some, like graphene have received… Read More

IBM researchers inspired by hieroglyphics to create a semiconductor chisel

To pack more and more devices on to a piece of semiconductor (usually silicon) the tracks on it must get narrower and narrower. Photolithography has reached its physical limits and electron beams are expensive and not particularly practical for the production of the required nano-scale prototypes. So, IBM has been looking at new methods and this article… Read More

Neuromorphic computer chips – Qualcomm configuring silicon to be more like brains than traditional chips

Excellent update from MIT Technology Review on research into neuromorphic chips – effectively processors that calculate in the same manner as a brain. Get passed the long-winded intro, which is attempting to say these chips are currently being designed to process sensory data such as images and sound and to respond to changes in that… Read More

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