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Microsoft plunges data centre into sea off Orkney

Microsoft has lowered a data centre into the sea off the coast of the Orkney Isles to investigate the energy savings involved in underwater data centres. The data centre, dubbed Project Natick, involves placing a cylindrical container, around the size of a shipping container, onto the sea floor. It will be powered by renewable energy… Read More

Facebook liquid cooling system released for harsh climates

Facebook has created a new kind of liquid cooling system for the data centre, using water rather than air to cool facilities, so the company can build data centres in difficult climates. The new evaporative cooling system, StatePoint Liquid Cooling (SPLC), is more efficient than previous indirect cooling systems. It also allows for deployment in… Read More

Advertising can harm tech firms’ profits

Advertising innovative products can cause technology firms to make less money, according to a new UCL study. The findings of a paper from academics at the UCL School of Management show that adoption of new products is often hindered by psychological anxiety. Early adopters, who tend to be less anxious people, the study says, will… Read More

SOC workers and bosses can’t see eye-to-eye, says study

Workers in security operations centres (SOCs) deal with understaffing, work with old tech, and have managers that don’t understand their needs, a new study says. The State of the SOC report, released by security information and event management (SIEM) firm Exabeam, found that 83% of managers and frontline employees are frustrated with legacy technology, compared… Read More

Exclusive: NTT planning one of UK’s biggest data centres

Japanese telecom giant NTT Communications is planning two data centres that will span 53,000 sq. metres in the London borough of Dagenham, The Stack has found. The proposed data centres, if built, would become one of the largest sites in the UK. Planning documents suggest it would be ready by late 2019 and employ 108 full-time… Read More

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