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Data centre SDN market to grow more than 65% in 2014

Software-defined networking (SDN) is expected to grow more than 65% in the data centre market by the end of 2014, suggesting the hype surrounding its deployment has finally given way to adoption and usage, according to the Dell’Oro Group. The networking research body released a report yesterday stating that network security appliances and Ethernet switches will… Read More

Can Facebook’s different take on SDN scale down from hyper?

In his latest exclusive blog for The Stack, Chris Swan reviews Facebook’s announcement of its new switch, Wedge, yet finds the software the more interesting part. Is this hyperscale approach to software defined networking (SDN) likely to have a broader appeal? Facebook have announced their own switch design,  codenamed ‘Wedge’, saying that it’s already being… Read More

Handling the complexity of containers – a chance for software defined networking to shine?

With the rise of Docker and its open source approach to containers an old concept has gained a new momentum and Chris Swan believes it could also push SDN into new areas and even push IPv6 adoption. The concept of virtualisation at the operating system level – or containers – is not a new thing…. Read More

Richard Morrell: The glue that binds us

Change can be disruptive and it can bring people together. Software defined networking is set to do both says Richard Morrell There’s a seed change happening in emerging next generation IT. The traditional demarcation between roles and responsibilities in enterprise and cloud computing is blurring. This rising and very real technology paradigm has the potential,… Read More

If software is eating the world then NFV will be eating networking

Customisation used to mean expensive bespoke systems but in the world of software defining and software implementing, things have changed particularly for the hyperscale service providers. Chris Swan asks if their innovations will come through to normal users and if it will be worth the wait? It’s almost three years since Marc Andreesen wrote Why… Read More

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