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Managing the challenges and reaping the benefits of remote and agile working

While security has continued to occupy the thoughts of Peter Ransom, the CIO of international charity, Oxfam, his department has also been using its controls and disciplines to help other business units and, in a desire to promote business agility, he finds himself asking: what is a normal place of work? Last time I wrote… Read More

It’s for your own good – the art of risk communication

Businesses will always want to implement processes or policies that make their jobs easier and it’s the IT security officer’s job to protect them from themselves but, says Oscar Arean, cloud computing has added an extra layer of complexity that businesses now have to deal with. The vast majority of security breaches are unintentional rather… Read More

Paramount security in a digital age

Lawrence Buxton looks at how to design security into a data centre and how to protect that key vulnerability – the front gate and beyond A data centre facility is known to house expensive and often mission-critical IT equipment that in turn holds a huge amount of digital data, which in most instances is confidential…. Read More

Cloud, analytic and mobile technologies pose major challenges for business says report

The business world is poorly prepared to face the challenges of the new era of IT according to a new study. From a forthcoming IBM study, called IT Infrastructure Matters, based on responses from 750 technology executives from around the world, it found less than 10% of organisations felt their existing IT infrastructure is fully… Read More

Cloud services are weak link in enterprise security

More than 9 out of 10 of the 588 different cloud services used by the average European enterprise pose medium to high security risks, according to a report from security and governance firm Skyhigh Networks. In its new survey the firm reported that European enterprises used an average of 588 cloud services with just 9%… Read More

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