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Cloud services are weak link in enterprise security

More than 9 out of 10 of the 588 different cloud services used by the average European enterprise pose medium to high security risks, according to a report from security and governance firm Skyhigh Networks. In its new survey the firm reported that European enterprises used an average of 588 cloud services with just 9%… Read More

Cloud is “golden opportunity” for IT services companies

Expanding interest in cloud services is the biggest factor driving demand for IT services, surpassing the headline-grabbing but less critical areas of mobile connectivity and “always-on” environments according to a survey of IT companies. Carried out by Autotask the survey found that tighter security topped the list of IT firm’s clients’ concerns. “The expansion of… Read More

The evolution of the data centre: simplifying network architecture to reduce costs

Virtualisation has changed forever the way data centres are run – and not always in ways that were anticipated. Now, writes Paul Bonner, the head of technical services at Hardware.com, operators can further reduce costs and simplify their networks by taking a multi-vendor approach. Previously when IT professionals discussed network infrastructure and data centre costs,… Read More

What are the benefits of network convergence?

Network convergence – the delivery of a range of communications services through a single cable – is rising and changing the way businesses work.  This is producing a number of benefits not least to the data centre observes Dr Thomas Wellinger, market manager data centres with Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) Until recently, discrete groups of… Read More

Slightly alarmist (or alarming) look at Windows XP now that Microsoft has stopped support. How can users can protect themselves?

Computer World, like many others, is focusing on Windows XP users who are now running naked in the internet field with a host of black hats firing blow pipes at them. Get past the alarmist “reds under the beds” stuff and this is a fairly helpful article for the many of us for whom Vista,… Read More

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