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Why good locks are key to physical site security

While many data centres use sophisticated biometric security and CCTV cameras to control access from the outside, they often use old-fashioned locks and keys to secure racks and cabinets on the inside. Grant Macdonald, managing director of Codelocks, looks at how digital cabinet locks bring a more high-tech solution to internal access control. Access to… Read More

Online security is a business issue not a technical says expert

Cloud can be secure but companies should compare internal and external IT security before opting for the cloud. This is the message from CapGemini’s information security expert, Lee Newcombe speaking at Cloud Expo Europe 2014. He said cloud computing can be more secure than companies’ internal IT, with the right safeguards in place.  “Does cloud… Read More

IT being pushed out of cloud buying decisions

Non-IT staff are increasingly making the cloud technology purchasing decisions according to a recent survey. Carried out by cloud storage specialist, Databarracks, the survey found nearly half of the respondents said the CEO, FD, CFO and other department heads are exerting an increasing amount of an influence in the procurement of cloud technology. Commenting on… Read More

Matt Salter on the smarter way to work

From security to lighting, the IP network can be used to host a variety of technologies that can help a data centre – or an office – operate more efficiently and effectively. Matt Salter, delivery director at Redstone, looks at the need for smart buildings and the variety of IP-based technologies that can deliver improved… Read More

Stephane Estevez: Is the cloud safe enough to outsource HPC projects?

It is possible to outsource a high performance computing project but does it make sense for your project? Stephane Estevez, senior product marketing manager at Quantum, investigates Let’s be pragmatic, almost everything can be outsourced even high-performance computing (HPC) projects. But the resulting cost to meet specific requirements can be astronomical. It is possible to… Read More

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