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Keeping the human connected in Smart Cities

As I was taken around the factory floor at Aston Martin, near Warwick, it dawned on me what made these cars so very special and sought after: the sheer genius of blending of technological prowess with human skill and ingenuity. All the way through the process, from the building of the chassis, through to the… Read More

Real-time IoT data is key to telco Smart City opportunity

Veli-Pekka Luoma, IoT specialist at Comptel, argues why telcos need to realise their potential as catalysts for the Smart City revolution… Two approaching global trends – one technological, one societal – could mean the world to telco operators over the next several years. The first is fairly clear to operators who keep a close eye on emerging… Read More

Samsung’s SmartThings system has massive vulnerabilities

A team of researchers from the University of Michigan has found that Samsung’s SmartThings home automation system had a number of security flaws, which could subvert user settings or even allow hackers access to the home. This is believed to be the first real-world, platform-wide test of the popular integrated home security system, and revealed… Read More

Smart driverless car system proposes to replace traffic lights

A new traffic light-free system has been proposed which would see the century-old technology replaced by a capacity-boosting and environmentally friendly alternative. In a cross-institutional study titled Revisiting Street Intersections Using Slot-Based Systems, researchers describe a system whereby driverless vehicles are assigned ‘slots’ when approaching an intersection. Each car knows exactly when it should arrive at… Read More

London selected to trial smart city tech

London has been chosen to join a new European smart city scheme which will involve the testing of innovative technologies aimed at improving the lives of urban residents. As part of the European Union’s Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse project, the UK capital will invest in putting up more solar panels on city roofs, among… Read More

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