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Consumers getting behind the Internet of Things revolution

British consumers look set to embrace the Internet of Things and mobile cloud as new research identifies an enthusiasm for wireless accessories. Research commissioned by Bluetooth Special Interest Group has revealed that 60% of the consumers currently possess a wireless-connected accessory such as a keyboard or smart home device and this is expected to grow… Read More

Sand could hold key to longer smartphone battery life

A new concept in battery technology that could outperform current designs by three times uses sand as a key material.  Such a performance improvement could be highly significant for many users of small electronic devices such as smartphones whose power demands drain charge quickly. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering… Read More

Umbrella sensor sends rain data to the Cloud

You could be forgiven for ignoring this story as an excuse for a jokey headline – and that’s probably the main reason why Mashable published it although the BBC went for the much more sensible: Smart umbrellas ‘could collect rain data’).  But it is an interesting story perhaps as a portent of what may be to… Read More

News – Price war looms in mobile processors, says Strategy Analytics

It’s not just cloud service providers then in the midst of price battles. While the market is huge for baseband and apps processors for tablets and smartphones, valued at $37 billion market in 2018, Strategy Analytics says a price war is looming reports Electronics Weekly. Excerpt “The tablet processor market will have 14.6% CAGR 2013-8… Read More

Beware the rise of the intelligent assistant armed with predictive technology

Venture Beat’s Devindra Hardawar interviews Tim Tuttle, the founder of Expect Labs, who has been looking at how to take predictive technology out of smartphones and into a wide range of devices and creating what he calls “special-purpose intelligent assistants that let you easily find information you need in specific domains”. Excerpt “Over the next… Read More

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