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New tool allows smartphone camera to record fingerprints

A new prototype biometric tool, designed by researchers in India, enables a smartphone camera to act as a fingerprint scanner. Saksham Gupta, Sukhan Anand and Atul Rai from Department of Computer Science at Delhi Technological University used an Android smartphone to extract fingerprints from close-up shots of a finger. The researchers used a 16MP camera with a… Read More

Code suggests iPhone 8 will have facial recognition and no home button

Apple has seemingly leaked details of the iPhone 8, showing facial recognition and a full-frontal screen with no home button. The details were leaked when Apple released the firmware code for its new smart speaker, the HomePod, which is considered Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo. A number of developers looked through the code, including… Read More

Xiaomi lines up $500 million for Indian investment

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has announced plans to channel $500 million into its Indian operations over the course of 2017, in an effort to reclaim lost ground in market share in the country.co-founder Lei Jun explained that after an initially positive reception the brand wants to bolster its presence in the country. Co-founder Lei Jun… Read More

Apple claims WikiLeaks vulnerabilities fixed years ago

Apple has stated that the vulnerabilities pointed out in the latest WikiLeaks data dump from ‘Vault 7’ were fixed many years ago, and that the hacking methods purportedly used by the CIA would not work on today’s devices. After assessing the claims put forth in the Vault 7 documents, Apple has asserted that while the… Read More

Cardless ATMs use smartphones to access cash

JP Morgan Chase, along with Bank of America, have started pilot programs to roll out cardless ATM machines in the U.S. In select cities, customers may perform ATM transactions including checking balances, transferring funds, and deposit and withdrawal of cash using a smartphone in place of an ATM card. Currently, only 2.5% of ATM machines… Read More

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