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Telecom chief calls for Google/Facebook regulation, while Google changes search algorithm to reflect ‘fact accuracy’

The CEO of Deutsche Telekom has made a call for internet search/services giants Google and Facebook to be regulated in the same way as telecoms companies, arguing that the California-based digital goliath offers the same type of communications services which require telcos to submit to regulation. Speaking at Mobile World Congress, Tim Hoettges, 52, said:… Read More

Moscow to track cell-phone users in 2015, to aid traffic analysis

Authorities in Moscow will launch a new system of mobile-phone tracking in 2015 to aid research into potential modification to the transport infrastructure of the city. M24 reports [translated]. The system will be augmented by GPS data in particularly dense and labyrinthine areas, such as ‘old Moscow’. The information will principally be gathered via the… Read More

MPs plan to tackle UK mobile phone signal “not-spots”

The UK government has announced today that it will enter into discussions with major network providers in an attempt to boost rural mobile coverage. A fifth of Britain’s population are currently affected by poor mobile phone reception, where there is minimal coverage from some, but not all, of the UK’s main mobile networks. Culture Secretary, Sajid… Read More

ASG data centre sells for $11.7mn

Australian networks firm ASG has sold its Bentley data centre to Sydney-based Vocus Communications for AU$11.7mn. ASG announced that it would use the money to speed up its debt reduction and help lower its overall debt to AU$10mn for the financial year 2015. Identified by ASG’s board as a “non-core asset”, the Bentley data centre… Read More

Big data, little servers: Vodafone’s plan to carry more mobile data

British telecom giant, Vodafone, has announced a partnership with the computer science department at Imperial College London as it looks to redefine the future of its data infrastructure. In a Wall Street Journal update, technology editor, Amir Mizroch revealed the collaborative research will aim to discover whether smaller data centres based directly at mobile towers… Read More

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