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Huawei announces ‘Site on Demand’ for emerging markets

Huawei, a leader in telecommunications equipment manufacturing, has announced the availability of Site on Demand, a new solution for mobile broadband (MBB) technology to help operators provide cost-effective coverage in emerging markets. Site on Demand offers pre-set, tightly integrated infrastructure and network equipment, with four different versions to cover different environmental scenarios. Each type of… Read More

How cloud exchanges are changing the face of the telecoms industry

Ilissa Miller, CEO and founder of iMiller Public Relations and president of the Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association, discusses how cloud exchanges are changing the way businesses buy and manage their networks assets Miller believes that the rapid pace of technological innovation is creating a major challenge for companies in how they deploy and… Read More

NextDC announces launch of Vodafone point of presence at Perth site

Australian data centre and colocation firm NextDC has announced that Vodafone is launching a point of presence at its Perth data centre. The point of presence, once linked to Vodafone’s ‘super hub’, will give extra resilience to local mobile service, increase access to complementary networks, and help deliver 4G services to Western Australia. As well… Read More

How network re-architecting is opening a new era of intelligent services

Tao Wenqiang, Chief Planning Engineer at ZTE, discusses the new networking trends ushering a transformation revolution in the telecom industry The age of the Internet of Everything (IoE) is upon us, and by 2020, everything will be on its way to being digitalised. IoE will radically change the way people live and work, inspiring operators to… Read More

Ericsson and Singtel to establish 5G research centre

Singtel and Ericsson have partnered to open the first 5G Center of Excellence in Singapore. The two companies have promised a total $1.47 million USD to establish the Center. The Center will be used to train 100 Singtel engineers in 5G skills including the design, maintenance and operation of 5G networks. It is intended to… Read More

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