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Volvo developing the internet of cars to enable them to share on the road experience information

The Swedish car manufacturer is working on a system that allow cars to share their experiences on the road eg traffic jams, slippery roads etc and so warn them (and their drivers). The data will be shared via the cloud and could also be received by emergency services and highways authorities. Excerpt “The initiative for… Read More

What are the benefits of network convergence?

Network convergence – the delivery of a range of communications services through a single cable – is rising and changing the way businesses work.  This is producing a number of benefits not least to the data centre observes Dr Thomas Wellinger, market manager data centres with Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) Until recently, discrete groups of… Read More

Volkswagen says the car must not become a “data monster” in the internet of things but who’ll protect the customer?

It was VW’s chairman who used the expression “data monsters” while talking at Cebit and that drivers must be protected from government misuse of data. As car manufacturers increasingly pack their vehicles with data collection devices, Matt Asay, the vice president of business development and corporate strategy at MongoDB, considers the privacy implications for the… Read More

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