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Google and Volvo partner to build Android into connected cars

Google has announced that it has partnered with Volvo Cars to support the development of the car maker’s next-generation connected vehicles. Through the new partnership, Volvo will be using Google’s Android to design its in-car infotainment and connectivity systems – offering a variety of connected and predictive apps and services. According to the Swedish car… Read More

LYNK CO and Ericsson drive forward built-in car sharing

The two companies have debuted a new in-car, app-based sharing feature at a Shanghai demonstration A major breakthrough in built-in car sharing has been witnessed at a demonstration from LYNK & CO and Ericsson. The two companies tested the new in-car, app-based sharing feature at a live demonstration on 17th April 2017 in Shanghai. LYNK… Read More

India to require biometric ID at airport check-in

The Indian government is driving forward with its plans to implement a nation-wide biometric-based ID system at all domestic airports. The new system proposes the use of the Aadhaar – a 12-digit unique identity number issued to all Indian residents based on their biometric and demographic data. The programme has now registered around a billion individuals’… Read More

Using legacy human-centric traffic surveillance systems for machine learning

Video monitoring systems for traffic have been in use since the mid- 1960s, initially pioneered by Israel and the Netherlands in order to capture motorists violating traffic light regulations. But they would have been very differently-designed if computer evaluation, rather than human monitoring, had been anticipated – a problem which researchers from Carnegie Mellon are… Read More

New traffic-beating car concept uses drones to swoop passengers out of jams

A new twist on the continually burning vapourware topic of flying cars proposes a system whereby drones swoop in to ‘rescue’ passengers trapped in traffic jams, with the human-bearing part of the vehicle disconnecting from a wheeled base unit which simply plods on until it is ready to accommodate another ‘stranded’ passenger. The bizarre concept… Read More

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