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Keeping up with Data Centre Interconnect

Stu Elby, senior vice president of cloud network strategy and technology at Infinera, discusses the growing demand for inter-data centre traffic and the efficient solutions which should respond to this challenge. Cloud growth and the early adoption cycle Cloud-based services have emerged as a critical part of communications. From a consumer perspective, there is a… Read More

The Enterprise Cloud Q&A

Lee Field, Head of IT consulting and complex solutions (APAC) at Verizon, discusses cloud migration and best practice for adopting disruptive solutions to drive efficiency and resilience. What do you witness as the main motivator for cloud migration? And from within which industries do you see the strongest demand? Many Enterprise organizations and Governments are… Read More

Global SIM card cyber ‘heist’ organised by US and UK spy agencies

Intelligence agencies in the UK and the United States hacked into the SIM card database of a major manufacturer in order to steal encryption codes which allowed them to decode data from mobile phones, according to a US report. The Intercept claimed that the breach was revealed in a number of files provided by former US intelligence… Read More

AT&T withholds fibre roll-out in uncertainty about net-neutrality

American telecommunications corporation AT&T has announced that it will cease investment in fibre-based high-speed internet infrastructure in 100 cities until the current Title II debate about net neutrality is resolved. Though anticipated by Cisco’s complaints about the consequences of Title II, the statement from AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson is the first notable response from an American… Read More

Microsoft launches further appeal against court ruling which threatens cloud users’ privacy

Microsoft is expected to file a further appeal against a Department of Justice ruling which plans to issue search warrants for US authorities to access personal emails stored abroad. Microsoft’s top lawyer Brad Smith spoke out against the warrant, after a federal court ruled that the company must hand over a user’s emails stored in an… Read More

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