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Bitcoin isnt Blockchain
Any company that chooses to ignore the digital experiences that blockchain can unlock for their business and their consumers resign themselves to providing the same digital experiences that any one of their competitors can offer When one considers the genius of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin White Paper (2009) it is important to realise that whilst this paper was,... Read More

Mayor of London plans to get rid of poor mobile connectivity

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is planning to fight connectivity problem areas and bring mobile coverage to the London Underground. In an announcement, Khan introduced his ‘Not-Spot’ team initiative which will look for blind spots in the city and develop solutions to improve coverage in the capital. Transport for London will also be working… Read More

Australia $36 billion broadband slower than Kenya

Australia, one of the first nations to attempt a full-country rollout of high-speed internet, has one of the slowest broadband networks globally. In a recent survey, the country’s eight-year, $36 billion investment was ranked No. 51, falling behind developing countries such as Kenya and Thailand. Telstra, the country’s leading telecommunications provider, also announced that it would… Read More

KDDI and JPIX partner for data centre POP

KDDI and Japan Internet Exchange Company (JPIX) have established a point-of-presence for JPIX within the Telehouse Osaka 2 data center. JPIX will immediately begin to provide internet exchange services as a new Osaka Kyobashi site. The new POP will expand the Telehouse interconnect service, combining the strengths of JPIX’s low latency connections and KDDI’s reliability… Read More

Trolling and fake news here to stay for next 10 years, experts say

Fake news, trolling and online harassment are set to continue at pace with drastic implications for the future state of the internet, according to a new study from Pew Research Center and Elon University. The large-scale study, conducted by the university’s Imagining the Internet Center, surveyed technology experts, scholars, corporate practitioners and government leaders over… Read More

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