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Timehop database breached, 21 million users affected

Timehop has suffered a major breach, with its database of 21 million users being affected. Information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers were included. The service, which links users’ social media profiles to the app so they can look through old photos and ‘memories’, had its cloud computing environment breached on 4th July…. Read More

Social media in 2018: moving away from data?

Social media has a pretty bad rap. It takes any opportunity to grab your data, it erodes your privacy, is bad for your health, and is generally agreed to be bad for kids. These negative connotations have become amplified following the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal and as people more aware of their data rights… Read More

Facebook warned not to ‘play games’ with UK government

A senior MP has hammered a Facebook exec for ‘playing games’ with the House of Commons, warning that it may use summonses to force Mark Zuckerberg and other senior Facebook figures to testify. Helen Jones, a Labour MP and chairman of the Commons Petitions Committee, told Facebook’s UK public policy manager Karim Palant that the… Read More

Quantum security: will we make it in time?

Quantum computing is one of those concepts that promises so much but seems to be just beyond our grasp. Researchers have made great progress in their attempts to manipulate the basics of quantum computing in recent years, and yet so much is still not understood about exactly how it works. The only thing that is certain is… Read More

Cortana leaves Windows 10 vulnerable on locked devices

Windows 10 users are at risk of their devices being accessed even when they’re locked thanks to a Cortana vulnerability. Researchers at McAfee discovered that Windows 10 users who have not applied the most recent updates could be leaving their devices at risk. By activating Cortana, the Windows personal digital assistant, either through a voice… Read More

Dixons Carphone suffers data breach after attack

Customers of Dixons Carphone have had their financial and personal data compromised following a cyber attack on the firm’s systems. The firm’s shares have dropped more than 6% the announcement. According to an announcement by the British electronics retailer, there was an attempt to compromise 5.9 million cards in a processing system of Currys PC… Read More

Kaspersky sues Dutch newspaper for defamation

Embattled security firm Kaspersky has taken its fight against ‘fake news’ to the next level by suing Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf for defamation. The Russian cybersecurity company, led by Eugene Kaspersky, is taking the paper to court after it ran a sensational story about a female hacker gaining access to Kaspersky’s corporate network and obtaining a… Read More

MyHeritage leaks 98 million email addresses

Genealogy website MyHeritage has suffered a data breach which exposed nearly 100 million email addresses, the company has said. Users who signed up for the service, which is based in Israel and runs DNA tests, puts together family trees and helps people find family members, prior to October 26, 2017, have had their email addresses… Read More

SOC workers and bosses can’t see eye-to-eye, says study

Workers in security operations centres (SOCs) deal with understaffing, work with old tech, and have managers that don’t understand their needs, a new study says. The State of the SOC report, released by security information and event management (SIEM) firm Exabeam, found that 83% of managers and frontline employees are frustrated with legacy technology, compared… Read More

Police discouraged TalkTalk from going public with breach

The Met Police initially discouraged TalkTalk from going public with information on its data breach in 2015, the company’s former CEO has revealed. The telco’s huge data breach, which revealed 156,959 customers’ personal information and 15,656 banking details and led to a £400,000 fine, was “consciously” publicised by the company, according to Baroness Dido Harding, who… Read More

The mania of GDPR Day One

The first day of GDPR is proving manic, with many U.S. websites unavailable in the EU and an activist immediately going after major tech firms. Known to many as GDPR Day, the 25th May is a big date for many reasons; not least because it should put an end to incessant emails begging for permission to… Read More

Zerto previews 7.0 and releases IT resilience platform

Zerto has released an IT resilience platform designed to merge backup and disaster recovery as part of a preview of its release of Zerto 7. The company’s IT Resilience Platform was announced at the opening of its annual conference, held in Boston, and is designed to change the way businesses look after their data. Its… Read More

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