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How Big Data can help make better life-critical decisions

How do we unlock the true value of data? Matt Lovell, CTO of Centiq, argues why we need to be taking a different approach to data science… Nowadays, collecting data has never been easier and faster, but understanding its true meaning and value still remains a challenge. IBM estimates 90% of all the data existing in… Read More

How the Met Office is solving the British weather with High Performance Computing

If you’re looking for big data, just look up. Weather analysis requires petascale-class pipelines, with seven-day forecasts needing approximately 2000 time-steps for prediction, and each time-step requiring trillions of computer operations. Weather forecasting and climate simulations can encompass quadrillions of operations for a single forecast run – which needs to be done several times a… Read More

New coreset technique makes big data manageable

A new technique for generating coresets within larger data sets has been discovered, which can help operators manage and analyze big data more efficiently. Shrinking an extremely large data set to a smaller subset that maintains necessary relationships is a known method of efficient analysis of large data sets. The newly discovered technique uses coresets… Read More

A new system architecture against big data insider threats

Much as law came later to the old west than the original settlers, security is coming late to big data. It’s an ironic situation, since so many big data projects being developed and experimented with in these years are themselves intended as security solutions. In the paper A System Architecture for the Detection of Insider… Read More

UK government launches £100k research fund into AI for defence

The UK government’s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) has released £100,000 in funds for new research into possible applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the defence sector. The announcement also reveals that the DSTL is planning to run a 1.5 day workshop in association with the Digital Catapult Centre, an organisation occupied… Read More

Google signs agreement to assist in NHS patient care

A National Health Service hospital trust has signed an agreement with Google’s DeepMind group to implement a new app that notifies doctors of updates to patient conditions in real time. This is intended to eliminate paperwork requirements and free up time for medical professionals to treat patients. Allowing DeepMind access to patient records, however, has… Read More

U.S. Agriculture Department opens nutrition database

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has opened up its database of nutritional information to accept submissions from food manufacturers, creating a publicly-accessible nutrition index of grocery items. The Agriculture Research Service’s (ARS) Food Composition Databases has existed for almost a century, but only ever reached up to around 8,000 entries. Since opening up the campaign… Read More

UK gov: AI growth could reidentify individuals from big data

A new report from the UK’s Government Office For Science warns that the explosive growth in artificial intelligence, driven by Big Data, could mean that anonymised individuals in datasets might be extraordinarily easy to re-identify, due to the interlinking of vast, semi-supervised systems. In the report, entitled Research and analysis: Artificial intelligence: an overview for… Read More

Telco CEO: Consumers have ‘double standards’ over data privacy

Despite consumers continuing to criticise corporate attempts at monetising data, they are happily handing over data to major tech companies such as Facebook, according to the head of Telefonica Deutschland, Thorsten Dirks. Dirks argued that there is a double standard among consumers who ‘scrutinise any attempt to make money off their data’, while at the… Read More

U.S. government proposes the permanent job interview

It’s often said that landing a job is more about being good at interviews than any necessary aptitude for the role. Since mis-hiring in the U.S. intelligence community is perceived as an above-average liability, the government is researching the possibility of a sensor-driven ‘permanent interview’, wherein an individual would need to submit to unrestricted physical… Read More

Delivering effective data compliance in healthcare

Daniel Hickmore, Health Subject Matter Expert at Arkivum, explains why health trusts need to better understand data lifecycles, follow guidelines for recordkeeping and establish comprehensive security and confidentiality frameworks… Traditional methods for managing the growing deluge of health data simply do not scale anymore. Whether observational, research data or medical, clinical imaging, telemetry data or… Read More

White paper: Why data erasure should be part of your mobile device policy

Mobile devices, especially with the increase of BYOD, are becoming increasingly commonplace in the work environment. As Gartner reveals, 70% of professionals will perform work-related activities on a personal device by 2018. To protect themselves, businesses need to adopt a detailed and documented policy for how they’ll manage these mobile devices and safeguard data. A… Read More

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