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European Commission will launch initiative against data localisation

Andrus Ansip, Vice President for the Digital Single Market in the European Commission, has announced in a speech in Slovakia that the European Commission will launch an initiative later this year to combat the security-driven impetus for countries to store information within their own borders. Ansip was speaking at Digital Assembly 2016 in Bratislava, and… Read More

Milk: working round the big data bottleneck in modern CPUs

On Tuesday at the International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques in Israel, MIT researchers presented a new run-time technique capable of speeding up Big Data access by up to a factor or four. The paper presented, Optimizing Indirect Memory References with milk by Vladimir Kiriansky, Yunming Zhang and Saman Amarasinghe, explains why data… Read More

The future of voice synthesis after Google WaveNet debut

Dr Matthew Aylett is the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder at CereProc, which develops voice synthesis systems primarily for the healthcare field.  In the light of last week’s announcements from Baidu/NVidia and from Google, he takes a look at the challenges and motivations involved in reproducing the human voice artificially… Our voice is very personal… Read More

UK Space fund to help develop satellite technologies and data

The UK Space Agency has announced a new £2 million fund to support the domestic development of space and satellite technologies, and to open an online platform for the sharing of observation data. The initiative, announced in today’s release, hopes to advance the UK’s position as a leader in the Earth observation sector, and inform research around… Read More

Beyond the electricity-guzzling, ‘failed’ blockchain experiment

A Chinese researcher has proposed a new cryptocurrency system which, unlike Bitcoin, does not use a blockchain, and suggests that Bitcoin is a ‘failed’ experiment which encourages excessive energy consumption in an ‘impossible’ pursuit of genuine decentralisation. In the paper Noncentralized Cryptocurrency with No Blockchain, Qian Xiaochao suggests that a second stab at Bitcoin’s ambitions… Read More

How the blockchain could save journalism – for free

Over at hack.ether.camp, an annual four-week online event which is a hybrid between a hackathon and a startup incubator, participant developers suggest abstract ideas around which others may gather and build momentum. Today, one of the contributed ideas from mid-August appeared in Hacker News, to little more acclaim – so far – than the idea… Read More

Didi plans to solve traffic jams with big data

As the largest ride-hailing app in China, Didi Chuxing (formerly Didi Kuaidi) has access to enormous amounts of data. Today, Didi announced that they intend to use the big data gathered by their app to solve the problem of traffic jams in the cities where they operate. With over 1.43 billion rides completed in 2015, and a… Read More

Telefónica enters Chinese big data partnership

Spanish telecom giant Telefónica has today announced a new venture with Chinese operator China Unicom with the aim of distributing big data services in China. The initiative, titled ‘Smart Steps Digital Technology Company Limited’, will build on China Unicom’s existing network and customer base in the country and Telefónica’s extensive experience in big data. The… Read More

Turning Big Data into Big Knowledge

Jeff Aaron, PernixData’s Vice President of marketing, looks at turning Big Data into Big Knowledge with infrastructure analytics… In the past, data centre management was fairly straightforward, as storage was directly mapped to individual applications. This all changed with virtualisation. Now, VM admins use one set of tools to manage compute, while storage admins use others… Read More

Big Data attempts to find meaning in 40 years of UK political debate

A new paper from researchers in Europe and the U.S. seeks to determine trends and indicators for political cohesion from a formidable dataset of speeches and debates in the UK’s House of Commons in the years from 1975-2015. Complex Politics: A Quantitative Semantic and Topological Analysis of UK House of Commons Debates [PDF] addresses the… Read More

Big data seeks to increase number of cyclists in cities

A team of British academics is developing an open access web-based tool, using big data and analytics models to support local authorities plan new cycling infrastructure. The Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT), backed by the Department for Transport (DfT) and Cambridge University’s Centre for Diet and Activity Research, builds on various transport and geographical datasets… Read More

Tube strike benefited economy, according to Big Data

An academic collaboration between Cambridge and Oxford universities has used Big Data to analyse the final checksum of the effects of a major London tube strike – and found that it brought net benefits by forcing commuters to experiment rationally with how they use London’s tube system, and to find more optimal alternatives which they… Read More

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