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Talend accelerates big data pipeline development for MS Azure

Talend has released new connectors for Talend Data Fabric to provide customers with accelerated data migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud. The new Talend Data Fabric connectors are intended to enable customers to build intelligent, scalable data pipelines for real-time big data analytics in the cloud. Talend Data Fabric previously connected customers to Microsoft Azure… Read More

Cray to provide supercomputer to Turing Institute for big data

Cray has announced that it will provide a URIKA-GX supercomputer to the Alan Turing Institute through a collaboration between Cray, Intel, and the Turing Institute. Hosted in the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center (EPCC) at the University of Edinburgh, the new Cray URIKA-GX system will provide the researchers at the Turing Institute with a dedicated analytics platform… Read More

Developers teaching AI to drive using mobile phones

Programmers around the world are training artificial intelligence (AI) to control driverless cars directly from their smartphones. Mighty AI, a data-training firm specialising in autonomous cars, uses both a website and app to allow users to log in and give AI driving lessons and share the findings. Currently, Mighty AI has nearly 200,000 creative AI… Read More

Charliecloud stack simplifies HPC big data analysis

A new product developed by researchers at Los Alamos has been created to simplify the use of supercomputers performing big data analysis. ‘Charliecloud’ supports users performing big data analysis on the Los Alamos supercomputers by providing a containerized approach that allows users to run their own software stack, sequestered from the host operating system. Los… Read More

How AI is improving customer experience and loyalty in retail

Jennifer Roubaud of Dataiku discusses how AI technologies can transform customer experience in retail, both on and offline… The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding across all industries. Forrester predicts that this year alone there will be a 300% increase in investment in artificial intelligence. Companies worldwide are starting to use the power of AI… Read More

Microsoft upgrades Data Science VM for Windows Server 2016

Microsoft has announced the release of the Microsoft Azure Data Science Virtual Machine, or DSVM, created to run on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition. Using the new version, users can manage big data analytics on cloud-based virtual machines without the need to configure, install, or maintain project hardware. The new DSVM is currently available through… Read More

Why robust data infrastructure is key to digital government

George Parapadakis, Strategy Director at Alfresco, writes on why the government needs to embrace challenges around data analytics to improve communication, decision-making and reduce operational costs… Analytics projects are expensive and difficult. There are two fundamental requirements for undertaking data analytics projects: clean, integrated, meaningful data, and skilled resources in the form of specialist data… Read More

Google reveals that it tracks in-store purchases

In a blog post announcing Google Attribution, a new AI-powered marketing tool to help clients measure the impact of cross-channel marketing campaigns, the tech giant revealed that it has tracked more than five billion in-store purchases over the past few years. Google announced Google Attribution in advance of the annual Google Marketing Next event in… Read More

ICO investigating big data analytics in politics

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for the United Kingdom has begun an investigation into the political use of private data, specifically in relation to data analytics used in the Brexit referendum. The investigators will also review activity in the current general election campaign. The issue at hand is whether or not voters’ privacy is compromised… Read More

Fujitsu partners with 1QBit on quantum AI

Fujitsu and 1QBit have announced a partnership focused on the application of quantum technology in the field of artificial intelligence. The applications developed through this partnership will address specific industry issues in the Japanese and global markets that can be solved with a combination of AI and quantum technologies. Projects will focus on areas of combinatorial… Read More

UK to see roll out of AI-powered traffic lights

A smart AI-based traffic lights system which monitors road congestion is set to launch in the UK, with the city of Milton Keynes investing £3 million in the technology. The scheme will see 2,500 cameras rolled out across the city in a bid to prevent traffic bottlenecks by giving priority to emergency vehicles, public transport… Read More

AR system lends X-ray vision to surgeons

Augmented reality (AR) technology is lending ‘X-ray vision’ to surgeons in a series of innovative trials led by design and development firm Cambridge Consultants. The prototype successfully demonstrated how an augmented system could transform surgical operations, while lowering risk and improving success rates. Using Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, the researchers created an AR system which made… Read More

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