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UK to see roll out of AI-powered traffic lights

A smart AI-based traffic lights system which monitors road congestion is set to launch in the UK, with the city of Milton Keynes investing £3 million in the technology. The scheme will see 2,500 cameras rolled out across the city in a bid to prevent traffic bottlenecks by giving priority to emergency vehicles, public transport… Read More

AR system lends X-ray vision to surgeons

Augmented reality (AR) technology is lending ‘X-ray vision’ to surgeons in a series of innovative trials led by design and development firm Cambridge Consultants. The prototype successfully demonstrated how an augmented system could transform surgical operations, while lowering risk and improving success rates. Using Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, the researchers created an AR system which made… Read More

EU Bank invests 25M euros in MariaDB

The European Investment Bank, the official bank of the European Union, has announced a 25M euro investment in MariaDB. MariaDB is one of the most popular and fastest-growing open source database solutions in the world. The investment from the European Investment Bank (EIB) will be used for product innovation and global expansion, with additions to… Read More

Why data and analytics are key to strategic HR decisions

Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer at workforce intelligence company Visier, discusses how businesses can best gain insight and apply data analytics to enable better workforce decision-making and planning… Today’s HR landscape is more complex than ever before: globalization is taking the competition for talent worldwide, four generations are in the workplace at the same time,… Read More

Researchers advocate neurorights to protect brain data

A neuroethicist and a human rights attorney have proposed that human rights be expanded to guard the sanctity of the human mind in the face of rapid advancements in neuroscience and neurotechnology. The four rights that are specifically addressed in their research paper, published in the Journal of Life Sciences, Society and Policy are the… Read More

New system detects hate speech in Tweets via Deep Learning

IIIT-Hyderabad’s Informational and Retrieval Extraction Lab (IREL) has devised a system that can detect the presence of hatred in Tweets The majority of tweets are sent as communication, advertising or offering kind words. Unfortunately, a minority are sent with more nefarious intentions, to spread hate. Could these kinds of tweet become things of the past?… Read More

New method discovered to accurately predict personality from Twitter posts

A team of researchers from IBM have found that a user’s personality type may be accurately inferred from social media posts using much smaller sample sizes than previously thought. The researchers published their experiment and results in a paper entitled “25 Tweets to Know You: A New Model to Predict Personality with Social Media.” Using… Read More

Bosch and University of Amsterdam launch joint AI lab

German engineering giant Bosch has partnered with researchers at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) to develop deep learning technologies for application in intelligent cameras, self-driving cars, homecare and beyond. The joint initiative will see teams from the university’s Delta Lab (Deep Learning Technologies Amsterdam) and the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence design models and algorithms… Read More

Google Cloud partners with Elastic for advanced search and analytics

Google Cloud has announced a new partnership with Elastic, the open source data analytics company behind Kibana, Beats, and Elasticsearch. The partnership with Google will bring Elastic’s search and analytics features to the Google Cloud Platform, providing the customers of both companies with improved data analytics and machine learning, increased security features, and access to Google’s… Read More

India to require biometric ID at airport check-in

The Indian government is driving forward with its plans to implement a nation-wide biometric-based ID system at all domestic airports. The new system proposes the use of the Aadhaar – a 12-digit unique identity number issued to all Indian residents based on their biometric and demographic data. The programme has now registered around a billion individuals’… Read More

Google model instantly translates speech to foreign text using AI

A deep neural network architecture which can directly translate speech from one language into text in another language is being developed by Google researchers. The study, titled Sequence-to-Sequence Models Can Directly Transcribe Foreign Speech, describes using a modified sequence-to-sequence model, which has had previous success in speech recognition, to create a powerful encoder-decoder network for… Read More

UK launches high-performance computing centres

Six high-performance computing (HPC) centers will be located at universities across the United Kingdom and officially launched this week. The HPC centers have been built using £20 million in funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The centers are intended to give both academics and industry experts access to powerful computers that… Read More

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