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What to expect from CES 2019

Mon 7 Jan 2019

Starting Monday, the world’s largest consumer technology fair will focus on AI and 5G amid heightened tensions between Huawei and U.S.

Monday marks the start of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will attract 180,000 tech evangelists keen to get a glimpse on the freshest, most advanced (and often most bizarre) tech concepts, and the organisations trying to convince them of their shiny new product’s value.

The world’s largest technology fair is of particular interest this year for a number of reasons. First off, the gargantuan festival is getting even bigger: 4,500 companies are set to take part in this year’s show.

This expansion is in part due to natural growth, but also reflects how the show is moving beyond its traditional identity as a show for consumer tech to one encompassing breakthroughs in enterprise technology: expect more companies showing off their industrial or mechanical use cases, particularly when it comes to automotives and 5G.

The show also comes at a ….



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