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Amazon launches artificial intelligence research centre in Germany

Amazon is launching an artificial intelligence (AI) research centre in Germany’s Cyber Valley, in an attempt to improve customer experience. Germany’s Cyber Valley, in a region near Stuttgart and Tübingen, a traditional university town, was created through a collaboration between the Max Planck Society, universities, and six major companies including Facebook and BMW. The collaborative… Read More

Why we are underestimating the impact of automation and AI

Azeem Azhar, product entrepreneur and curator of weekly tech newsletter, Exponential View, discusses how AI can deliver real value for businesses and considers the risks related to the emerging technology AI is a very odd nomenclature. It has a competing technical definition even amongst its real practitioners (mostly in labs). We can agree, however, that… Read More

SEC files charges against creator of two ICOs

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges against the creator of two initial coin offerings (ICOs), on the basis that they were fraudulent. ‘REcoin’ and ‘DRC’ (‘Diamond Reserve Club’), both run by Maksim Zaslavskiy, were supposedly backed by investment in real estate and diamonds respectively and were marketed as having all the makings… Read More

IBM and University of California partnering to understand ageing through AI

IBM is working on a project to improve quality of life through artificial intelligence (AI), in conjunction with the University of California San Diego. The multi-year undertaking will work to help elderly citizens gain independence and improve their standard of living through the application of AI technology and life sciences to two themes: healthy ageing… Read More

notonthehighstreet: Making the most of data to understand your customer

Following his packed-out session on social media and customer engagement at this year’s Technology for Marketing, The Stack spoke with Ben Irons, digital director at notonthehighstreet.com, about making the most of your data, understanding the customer, and avoiding the ‘silver bullet’ philosophy Although now in widespread use, digital marketing techniques and the technology that goes… Read More

The two-way street between data science and business

Sigrid Rouam, lead data scientist at SGX, discusses the role of big data in business and finance, and how companies can change to make the most of the data scientists they employ  Big data and data analytics is becoming increasingly accepted as a vital ingredient in the pursuit of a smarter and more profitable business… Read More

The science behind data driven transformation

Providing strategies for businesses’ successful big data initiatives, Renotalk’s chief data and operations officer, Garrett Teoh Hor Keong speaks to John Bensalhia The evolution of business has taken many giant leaps in the past half-decade. Communication in decades such as the 1960s and 1970s would involve a ring-dial telephone, and instead of emails, a typewritten… Read More

Vevo sees boost in advertising revenue after pursuing TV-like ad strategy

Vevo, the dominant player in music video distribution online, is seeing a boost in audience numbers and advertising revenue. The New York-based firm, which describes itself as ‘the world’s leading music video and entertainment platform’, has already earned nearly $200 million (approx. £151 million) in upfront ads this year. It predicts overall ad revenue growth… Read More

Building an effective big data strategy

Johnson Poh, head of data science at the Big Data Analytics Centre of Excellence at DBS Bank, writes on the critical steps to take when developing a big data strategy To implement an effective big data strategy, businesses must develop themselves in three core areas – data engineering, advanced analytics and visualization. Developing a core… Read More

IBM Watson uses artificial intelligence at U.S. Open

IBM is hoping to serve up an ace by using artificial intelligence (AI) at this year’s U.S. Open. The Watson AI system will automatically generate match and player highlights by assessing images and video, as well as statistical tennis data and the reaction of the crowd and player. The system will take what it considers… Read More

Marketing firm Gravity4 to boost advertising transparency with blockchain

Leading big data marketing company Gravity4 has launched a new blockchain token called Lydian, in an attempt to reduce advertising fraud and increase transaction transparency. The launch is part of Gravity4’s efforts to disrupt the advertising industry using big data and innovative processes with a particular focus on personalised marketing and the tracking of buying journeys…. Read More

Artificial intelligence to help detect early stage skin cancer

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software are being used by researchers to help detect the earlier stages of skin cancer. Teams at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, and the Sunnybrook Research Institute are using AI to detect melanoma skin cancer through the analysis of thousands of images. The machine learning software was… Read More