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Why ICOs are here to stay
The spectacular crypto-crash of 2018 was just a blip in the unstoppable march of the "crypto company" An ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a new way of raising funds for a business. Rather than a traditional IPO where companies offer shares in their business via a stock market listing; an ICO offers investors tokens... Read the full article

Secrets to a winning blockchain strategy
In an instructive Q&A, Rene Bostic, VP for innovation and new technologies for IBM, explains the people, process and technology blueprint for blockchain success What are the key considerations enterprises miss when planning, assessing and implementing their blockchain applications? There are many considerations. Here are the top three: Determine the scope of the ecosystems and... Read the full article

What is the state of the UK blockchain industry?
A new report from Digital Catapult has shed some desperately-needed light on the scale and success of the UK blockchain industry Gauging the success of the UK blockchain industry has been fiendishly difficult amid the bluff and bluster of technologists and the seemingly inexorable capitulation of its cryptocurrency poster boy Bitcoin. But on the basis of... Read the full article

The impact of blockchain on data centres
Patrick Donovan of Schneider Electric’s Data Center Science Center explains blockchain's impact on the data centres and the energy grids of the future We are in the midst of a technological revolution. Born from the mysterious creation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2008, blockchain technologies fundamentally change how business transactions are made. It can be... Read the full article