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eCommerce Expo 2019: Q&A with Robin Phillips, CEO, The Watch Shop

In just over one month’s time eCommerce 2019 opens its doors at the Olympia in London. Looking ahead to September, Techerati has sat down with some of the event’s most high-profile speakers to get underneath the tech and find out what makes them tick. First up is Robin Phillips, former eCommerce Director at Waitrose and CEO of The Watch Shop, the UK’s largest independent online watch business

eCommerce Expo 2019: How musicMagpie evolved, adapted and flourished
John Bensalhia talks to Steve Oliver, CEO of musicMagpie, about the consumer reseller’s impressive evolution Once upon a time, musicMagpie was the place to take your used CDs, DVDs and games in return for cash. Nowadays, its main business is mobile phone recycling, a rapid transformation that has seen the company become one of the... Read More

eCommerce Expo 2019: Why Customers Have Never Been More Powerful
Chico's CMO Shelagh Stoneham breaks down current retail marketing trends to John Bensalhia “Technology is not a retailers' silver bullet – but leveraged appropriately, can be the difference between brand relevancy and demise.” Careful and considered use of technology is what Shelagh Stoneham, Chico's Chief Marketing Officer, will be discussing at eCommerce Expo 2019. As... Read More

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