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TFM 2019: Helen Gorman on Customer Experience
Helen Gorman is Head of Consultancy at OysterCatchers. She is a strategic and creative blue-chip marketing and business leader with a strong legacy of commercial and creative success with P&L responsibility. She has worked at GSK, Britvic and last year headed up a digital transformation programme for the Post Office. On September 26th at Technology... Read More

ad:tech 2019: The challenge of connecting marketing, service and tech siloes
Paul Frampton is delivering his ad:tech keynote speech September 25 and appearing on the panel 'Should marketers take artificial intelligence seriously?' at 1.15 pm the same day Paul Frampton is a man in a hurry. He has just taken the role of European President at performance marketing agency Control v Exposed and he is giving... Read More

TFM 2019: What agency CEOs are prioritising in 2019

Technology for Marketing 2019 is nearly here and one of the most hotly-awaited sessions is the Advertising Agency CEO keynote panel, held on day one at 11.35am.

Joining the panel is Mark Howley, CEO, Starcom UK and COO, Publicis Media. Having worked in media and advertising for his entire career, mainly in strategy and planner roles, technology is by far the greatest change that Mark has witnessed so far.

Customer First Live: The Dangers of Taking Your Customer for Granted

Renowned internationally as one of the world’s leading experts on customer experience, consumer behaviour, multichannel operations and e-commerce, Martin Newman is a passionate advocate for customer-centric transformation. This year, he founded the Customer First Group to help drive this transformation with consumer-facing brands.

As part of the business’s launch, a new interactive event – Customer First Live – will enjoy its debut alongside industry favourites eCommerce Expo and Technology for Marketing at London Olympia this September.

TFM 2019: “Take control of the technology, rather than let it control you.” A conversation with Jane Piper, organisational ps...

Sam Tidmarsh sits down with TFM 2019 speaker Jane Piper, author of the bestselling book Focus in the Age of Distraction, to discuss the impact of technology on marketers’ working and non-working lives, well-being and happiness.

TFM 2019: How Bacardi uses data to top up the bottom line

When Bacardi was founded 157 years ago, rum wasn’t considered a refined drink. To transform the sugary-spirit into something sellable in upmarket Cuban taverns, Bacardi co-founder Facundo Bacardí Masso had to “tame” the drink by filtering it through charcoal and ageing it in white oaked barrels.

Over one and a half centuries later, Bacardi’s products are merrily swigged by millions across the world. Alongside its namesake rum, Bacardí, the company’s core brands now include a mouth-watering selection of the world’s most well-known tipples, including Grey Goose, Patron, and Bombay Sapphire. Brands which have all flourished thanks to data and its impact on decision-making.

TFM 2019: Branding, Gen Z & Data — A conversation with award winning record producer & Downing Street advisor Kevin Tewis...

Kevin Tewis-Allen kicked off his glittering career photographing international pop group Five Star. A few years later, he was appearing behind the camera himself, hitting #7 in the charts with his first hit record. Despite the long and “soul-destroying” hours, over his musical career Kevin built up a catalogue of 13 top ten hits and 7 number one singles and was awarded BBC Radio One Producer of the Decade 1990-2000 by DJ firebrand Pete Tong.

It turns out that knowing “what makes an audience go crazy in a nightclub” is not too different from the marketing concept of understanding the needs and wants of your customers, profitably. In fact for Kevin the fundamentals of “creating the product from scratch and being commercially successful” aligned with the cadence of his production days – the difference was simply academic.

ad:tech 2019: Guinness — Looking back to look forward

That’s a question that will be discussed at this year’s Technology For Marketing event in Olympia, London. Addressing this session will be Niall McKee, head of Guinness Stout Europe, Diageo.

“We will be talking about what has enabled Guinness as a brand to live for the last 260 years and why we believe it is just the start of the journey.’’

The future of car ownership with Singapore’s first Netflix for Cars

Would you pay a monthly fee for a service that allowed you to hop from car-to-car on a monthly basis without having to worry about maintenance and road tax?

Singapore’s Carro, Southeast Asia’s largest automotive marketplace, reckons there is ample appetite in the city-state, so much, in fact, that the company launched its “Netflix for Cars” in March this year.

TFM 2019: Leveraging MarTech to deliver frictionless customer experience

Today, consumers expect more from the brands they choose to follow and engage with and are demanding smarter and savvier experiences. Big businesses are using customer insight in elevating the customer experience but, marketing technology (MarTech) presents a unique challenge. How can companies create personal, one-on-one long-lasting relationships with customers while deploying digital, automated technology that all but eliminates the human factor?

TFM 2019: Securing Digital Transformation Success
Tom Goodwin, digital transformation thought leader and EVP of Innovation at Zenith, discusses his upcoming appearance at TFM 2019 in September Zenith's Tom Goodwin will be talking about a range of subjects at this year's Technology for Marketing. One of these will be what Goodwin calls “myth busting”: Scrutinising the technology opinions of today that... Read More

The Resurgence of OOH Advertising
Sam Tidmarsh investigates Co-op's new OOH advertising campaign ahead of Chief Customer Officer Ali Jones’ presentation at ad:tech London 2019 Out-of-home advertising, also known as outdoor media, is tailored to consumers "on the go" as they travel and move through public spaces. Historically OOH has been difficult to measure, with planners and brands lacking sufficient... Read More

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