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Beware the rise of the intelligent assistant armed with predictive technology

Venture Beat’s Devindra Hardawar interviews Tim Tuttle, the founder of Expect Labs, who has been looking at how to take predictive technology out of smartphones and into a wide range of devices and creating what he calls “special-purpose intelligent assistants that let you easily find information you need in specific domains”. Excerpt “Over the next… Read More

Why wearable technology needs the power of the cloud to succeed

19/3/14 – A report by David Gilbert from the ongoing Wearable Technology event in London, featuring Intel Furturist Steve Brown plus a video if you fancy it. Essentially computing hardware is getting smaller and more powerful and so humans and various bits of their clothing and accessories (not just naff smartwatches) are becoming part of… Read More

Apple iBeacons: With great power comes great potential to annoy

A mildly-disturbed piece from ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on how Apple is introducing a technology that, says the article, paves the way for Apple to spam users even if their devices are locked. Users can opt out but the piece warns companies thinking of using it to be careful how they use it. Excerpt “I think… Read More

Automating the data warehouse and beyond – getting back to basics

Data warehousing maybe an old fashioned term but the basic principles still apply even to big data. Barry Devlin thinks it’s refreshing to step back to some of the basic principles of defining, building and maintaining data stores that support the process of decision making… or data warehousing, Excerpt “All IT projects begin with business… Read More

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