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Arizona fails to criminalise blockchain-based weapons fire technologies

The most pro-gun state in the U.S. has apparently been blocked in its latest attempt to muzzle new blockchain-based technologies which could make gun owners accountable for every shot they fire. The bill was introduced last month by Arizona state representative Paul Boyer, and seemed set to pass through legislative hurdles with ease until hitting… Read More

WiFi as a universal Satnav for virtual reality frameworks

The competing Virtual Reality ecostructures currently in intense development – such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens – are all addressing the crucial issue of spatial positioning in diverse and innovative ways – and for a multiplicity of reasons, ranging from the pragmatic to the cynical. Operating in proprietary (and often… Read More

Intel to buy Mobileye for $15.3 billion in bid for self-driving lead

Intel is set to buy Israeli self-driving firm Mobileye for an estimated $15.3 billion (approx. £12.5 million) – a move which could see the chip giant become the world’s largest driverless solutions provider. On the news of the deal – the biggest ever acquisition of an Israeli tech company – shares in Mobileye rose almost 35% in… Read More

Heat traces left by fingers can reveal your smartphone PIN

Criminals can extract a smartphone PIN  directly from the screen using the heat signature left by a user’s fingers, warns new research. A team of computer scientists from the University of Stuttgart and Ludwig Maximillian University has shown that thermal imaging techniques can reveal which parts of the screen were tapped or swiped, even if… Read More

Hitachi develops AI and wearables to assist manufacturing workers

Japanese manufacturing giant Hitachi has teamed up with a German research institute to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) technology which can recognise workers’ actions in real-time using data collected through wearable devices. Hitachi partnered with a team of Smart Data & Knowledge engineers from the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) to create an… Read More

Goodyear unveils first AI-powered concept tyre

Goodyear has unveiled a new spherical tyre concept which uses a ‘bionic skin’ and artificial intelligence (AI) to adapt to different road conditions. The Eagle 360 Urban tyre, demonstrated at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, is 3D-printed and is able to mould in response to the changing surfaces it is driving on. A press release… Read More

WiFi probes could reveal the true state of public transport

Researchers have developed a method by which the constant noise of WiFi attempting to connect to devices could provide an accurate picture of how well public transport systems are performing, despite such systems generally operating closed and proprietary monitoring systems, with only select information dispensed beyond the confines of the company. The paper Real-time public… Read More

China urged to relax mapping restrictions for autonomous vehicles

The Chinese car manufacturer Geely has called on Beijing to loosen current restrictions on mapping within the nation, as these may threaten progress on the evolution of self-driving cars. Speaking to reporters in the capital on Thursday Li Shifu, the head of the auto-maker’s listed unit and controlling group, revealed that he has offered the… Read More

New technique turns random objects into FM radio stations

A new technology is enabling everyday objects, such as posters and clothing, to be transformed into FM radio stations, according to research from the University of Washington. The team has introduced a technique called ‘backscattering’ which uses ambient low-power radio signals to broadcast messages from random objects to smartphones in the local vicinity. The researchers hope that… Read More

Driverless car system looks to master road construction sites

A new system is currently under development which seeks to improve the real-time interpretation of traffic information on construction sites by autonomous vehicles. Driverless cars have to be able to accurately detect traffic signs, but current technologies are facing difficulties when presented with temporary traffic management as appears in construction zones. These sites are challenging… Read More

Waymo accuses Uber of stealing driverless car tech

Google’s driverless car unit Waymo is suing Uber, accusing the ride-hailing giant of stealing trade secrets to further its own autonomous driving efforts. The lawsuit follows Uber’s $680 million (£542 million) acquisition of self-driving truck startup Otto in 2016. Otto was co-founded by former Google employee Anthony Levandowski, who now works at Uber. Waymo is… Read More

Ericsson and Intel partner in 5G Innovators Initiative

Multinational telco Ericsson and chipmaking giant Intel have partnered to launch the 5G Innovators Initiative (5GI2). The alliance seeks to investigate, test and develop 5G networking and edge computing technologies alongside industry and academic partners. 5GI2, based in the U.S., will first focus on exploring Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications and bring together expertise from Honeywell,… Read More

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